Invest with Data, Not Memes.

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Reduce Risks Associated with Cryptoassets that Have High Levels of Speculative Trading.


RDA Index Gives You Instant Ratings for Easy Investing.

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  • Instant, easy ratings of our favorite crypto – with over 500 currencies analysed at one time and a simple Top 10 rating.

  • 5 data products in 1 simple dashboard that give you an easy summary of thousands of data points fed through a unique fundamental analysis algorithm.

  • Insights into risks and instabilities that most traders aren’t even aware of.

  • Plus – an instant look at the crypto assets that have real, intrinsic value and real-world use cases for long-term stability.

  • There is a massive amount of useful data, plus quick-view ratings to help you make faster, smarter choices. Click below to get started.

    Don’t Put Your Wealth in the Hands of Meme Traders.

    Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal, and the differences between them can create a massive amount of risk.

    Some crypto assets are traded purely based on speculation and memes.

    Others have real, intrinsic value – and less built-in risk.

    We believe that cryptocurrencies really are the future, but we’d rather rely on meaningful data than random opinions and short-term get-rich-quick schemes.


    Check Your Wallet for Toxic Assets Now.


    You may currently be holding toxic assets with no intrinsic value.

    Our instant ratings system allows you to immediately see our top-rated assets, with 5 separate data products in one.

    Use your free trial now to see which assets have the highest level of risk in our algorithm.

    Then, you can browse our full data set to get new insights about the cryptocurrencies that have the most intrinsic value and the lowest risk – and start investing smarter.

    Get an Instant, Simplified Data Summary of Our Highest Rated Crypto.

    Whether you want to dive deep into every data point…

    Or simply get a quick, instant summary, we have it all right here.

    You can immediately see which cryptoassets have the highest rating, so you can make fast decisions that keep up with the rapid marketplace…

    Or take your time, with in-depth data analysis.

    RDA Index is the perfect fundamental data tool for all crypto traders, and we’re constantly improving.

    Join the fundamental data-driven crypto revolution today – for free!


    Trade with Data and Find Assets with Intrinsic Value.

    A big criticism about cryptocurrency is that it’s not really “worth” anything. The value is purely based on whether or not people will buy it…

    Meaning tomorrow morning, everyone could decide to sell their Bitcoin, and it would be worth nothing.

    But some crypto assets actually do have intrinsic value.

    We have a massive collection of fundamental data on that value, and many other metrics, and you can view them all for free right now when you click below to get started.


    The RDA Index is 5 Data Products in 1.

    We’ve combined 5 powerful data products into 1 simple interface that quickly gives you the info you need. And while they’re priced at incredibly affordable rates for traders and investors of all sizes… You get to try out all of them for free. Keep reading to learn more about each data set, or jump right in and get started now.


    RDA Index Includes 4 Key Data Summaries:

    Here’s what each data set really means:


    Ecosystem Stability

    How reliable is the ecosystem for each cryptocurrency? This is a bit like the “country” for a traditional currency. It measures how well the currency is managed and potential risks inherent to its community


    Digital Utility

    This is like the economy for traditional currencies: you don’t want to hold currency in a country with terrible inflation, war, and famine. At the same time, you don’t want to hold crypto assets where the ecosystem is chaotic.


    Technology Efficiency

    Not all crypto technologies are equal. In the last 13 years, some crypto assets have stood out as being the most efficient and practical – and you might be surprised by which ones are the best.



    Quite simply, how do people feel about each asset? This is important, even with physical currencies. If no one is excited to own the US Dollar, its value goes down. The same is true with crypto. We look for assets that people are getting excited about, even before it hits the news

    Whether you want to dive deep into the data, or just get a quick overview of our highest-rated crypto, you can do it all in the RDA Index dashboard.

    Compare Exchange Rates with Intrinsic Value for a Clue about the “Fairness” of Trades.


    Exchange rates are set by the market, and they’re not always fair or reasonable.

    In fact, we believe most trades are completely uninformed, with no data to back them up.

    Intrinsic value Exchange Rates is one way of determining how fair a trade really is. You can see whether or not the most useful and practical assets are being undervalued – and get in before other people realise.

    Or, you can simply avoid trading away your most intrinsically valuable assets for empty promises and “smoke and mirror” cryptos.

    Identify Systemic Risks. Invest Smarter.

    Every asset has systemic risks, whether you’re talking about crypto, fiat currencies, or even gold or lithium. Things like:

    Will this country’s currency be destabilised by a market crash next year?

    Are gold prices going to continue declining as people move away from physical assets?

    Is this popular cryptocurrency at risk for hacking and DDOSing?

    And that’s just the beginning. There are 12 key metrics with thousands of data points in our database, and 99% of traders are completely unaware of them. There’s no reason to continue investing without this knowledge. Join the world’s most informed crypto investors today.

    Discover the Value Hiding in Plain Sight

    Some cryptocurrencies actually have real-world applications and use cases.

    Even without speculative trading, they have intrinsic value… but most traders still don’t know about these assets.

    You can immediately see all our top-rated assets based on their intrinsic value, so you can finally be “in the know.”

    Don’t wait until everyone else discovers these inherently valuable assets. Join today and get in early.

    Advanced Algorithm. Unlimited Data Updates.

    Our algorithm was developed and refined over the course of 3 years, and we continually improve it. You also receive unlimited data updates with every account, whether you have a free trial or an enterprise-level account. We don’t just collect numerical data. We’ve also combined natural language processing (NLP) and multi-factor fundamental analysis to create a comprehensive view of each asset that includes human conversations and real-time sentiments in our ratings.

    Protect Yourself from Joining Get-Rich-Quick Schemes.

    The world of crypto is full of speculative trading, hype, and memes.

    And yes, plenty of people have made millions of dollars from those strategies… but many more have lost money.

    The more people learn about cryptocurrencies, the less powerful those get-rich-quick schemes will be.

    It’s time to cut through the noise and become a truly informed trader.

    What Other Traders and Investors Are Saying:


    Holisse, Italy


    A change of paradigm is happening in the cryptoverse. RDA Index provides a genuine and rational path to selection of cryptos based on real life use cases ...


    Eric, Netherlands


    I’ve been trading as a new trader since February 2021 and RDA Index has helped me in finding the best assets available in the market. The ease of use of the website and index was very helpful for my initial search


    Andres, Colombia


    Hello, good morning from Colombia, I have been trading Forex for 2 years, and since the beginning of March 2021, I began to study the world of methodology. cryptocurrencies, I began choosing currencies that were discussed on social networks, speculations (feelings of the networks , Facebook, forums, among others) find this led me to wrongly invest my money, until I reached the RDA

    Don’t Stay Out of the Loop. You Might Regret It.

    You’ll never regret having too much information, but being out of the loop can be a massive mistake.

    Early Bitcoin investors knew something that most people didn’t: cryptocurrency was the future.

    Now, there are over 16,803 digital assets, and we’re tracking the top 500 with our unique data sets for powerful, practical ratings that you can see instantly.

    There’s no reason to stay in the dark. You can gain all the information we have instantly, and it’s free!

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    Stop “Trading Positions” on a Pyramid. Start Investing.

    There’s a huge difference between speculatively “trading positions” and real investing.

    Investments are made based on the actual value of an asset. This value can be derived from a wide variety of things, such as real-world uses, technology efficiency, and long-term stability.

    It’s also important that assets are not overwhelmed by gambling and speculative trading. When an asset is used as a get-rich-quick scheme, its price can fluctuate rapidly for no real reason.

    You don’t need to be the victim of a hyped-up marketplace.

    It’s time to make smarter moves. Join us today for real data and smart updates.


    How do you manage to collect and analyze so much data?

    Our team of data scientists, traders, and software engineers have built an algorithm that intelligently compiles and analyzes data to generate simple, easy-to-use reports.

    How long did it take to put the RDA Index together?

    Even with our team of nerdy data experts, this algorithm took 2 years to develop the initial product, and we’ve continued evolving it ever since.

    How much does it cost after the free trial?

    After your 7-day free trial, memberships start at just $5.

    How do you manage to collect and analyze so much data?

    Our team of data scientists, traders, and software engineers have built an algorithm that intelligently compiles and analyzes data to generate simple, easy-to-use reports.

    Does anyone else have the same data as you?

    Although it’s technically possible for other people to get the same data, they wouldn’t have our algorithm – and we have a 3-year advantage over everyone else.

    I’m not ready today. Can I sign up for the free trial later?

    We can’t promise that the free trial will be available in the future. As more traders and investors sign up, we may decide to eliminate the free trial.

    Will there be updates to your algorithm in the future?

    Yes! We’re constantly improving our algorithm. If you sign up today, you’ll be grandfathered into all our future updates at no extra cost.

    Why hasn’t anyone else done this?

    It was very difficult to put this together, and we needed a team of high-level experts with a wide range of skills. Repeating the process would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years of development.